Albertus Magnus

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Albertus Magnus, (11/3/1206 – November 15, 1280), also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic saint and was a Dominican monk.

“Doctor Universalis”

Dominican Friar, Bishop and saint.

Patron saint of natural sciences

Honored by the Catholic Church as a Doctor of the Church (one of only 35)

Virgin Mary told him to enter Holy orders

He entered the Dominican order

He commented on virtually all of Aristotle, at that time that brought him in contact with arab/muslim writings which in turn brought him to the center of academic debate

Unlike his contemporaries, he also went out and learned from nature. He was a strong believer in Scientific type experiments which was rare at the time. This earned him a reputation as an alchemist and sorcerer-type.

Most alchemical texts were attributed to him after his death, which led to his reputation, but had little basis in truth.

These rumors went so far as to claim he had found the philosopher’s stone and passed it to Thomas Aquinas. He did claim to have witnessed the transmutation of something into gold

Since God’s intent was corrupted by the heavenly bodies that were in the way, it’s best to understand the heavenly bodies’ influence on man.

His writings on astrology heavily influenced almost all future thinking of Astrology for generations.


Wrote extensively on the works of Aristotle

He believed in learning from nature instead of just books and mathematics. This lead to his reputation as an alchemist.

Wrote on logic, theology, botany, geography, astronomy, astrology, mineralogy, chemistry, zoology, physiology, phrenology

He is credited with being the first to isolate arsenic by heating soap together with arsenic trisulfide. and experimented with photosensitive chemicals, including silver nitrate.


Believed in occult properties of minerals.

He wrote he witnessed the transmutation of metal to gold.


Influenced by:



Thomas Aquinas

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