Philosopher’s Stone

A legendary substance that can turn base metals into gold. One of the two key things sought after by Alchemists. The other being the elixir of life – although it’s often the same thing. Lapis Philosophorum, Chrysopoeia (heart of gold), Magisterium (Magistry), Spiritus Mundi (Spirit of the world, see: neoplatonism), Stone of the Wise, Diamond of Perfection, Universal Medicine, and the Elixir, could be the universal solvent (alkahest) to get to its quintessence, aurum potable (drinkable gold). It has parallels, to the holy grail, a masonic keystone and the Yesodic foundation stone of the Kabbalah, the garden of eden’s forbidden fruit, etc. Albertus Magnus is said to have had it and passed it on to Thomas_AquinasMichael Sendivogius was also said to have had some philosopher’s stone powder. It seems almost every alchemist had a different theory of what it was and how to make it. Michael Sendivogius describes it as ‘the purest gold’ as in, gold so ripe it’s seeds create more gold. If one simply purified god enough, the result would be the stone. Listen to his podcast to hear more. I think he has one of the more interesting theories. Paracelsus describes a tincture, that when gold was added to it multiplied the gold. Depending on the quality, maybe 10 times, maybe 10 000 times. To him, the ‘alkahest’ is the matter of which the four elements are made of. So why did they think it existed? Silver from galena (lead ore). The theory of the elements included the belief that one element can be changed to another. What did it looks like? Some descriptions include: Golden seeds, Liquid gold, A dark red regular stone (made of red powder) Made of ‘carrot’ light (weight)

Elixir of life:

In truth, they’re basically the same thing. It’s the potion sought after by alchemists thought to give eternal life and/or eternal youth. This is one of the two main things sought after by alchemists (the other being the philosopher’s stone. Also known as liquid gold, universal medicine, or the X tincture (fill in the blank for X… it has many names). To waaay oversimplify the difference: Elixir of Life is what medical alchemists were after as a cure-all, or as a way to prolong life. They still got the reputation as alchemists in Christian Europe, and in the Islamic world actually used the word “Alchemy” do describe their processes of making tinctures, etc for medicine.

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